Get to Know Communities and Members

Thanks to the Uplifters YouTube channel, community creators are being invited to share their projects and talk about their week on JR's Lands. Hear from the people around the circus, including JR himself, and EOSUSA Michael, from EOSUSA Games, who is facilitating the reporting and NFT drops.

EOSUSA Michael and Lisa Chandler with Corey and Jimmy Talking About Communities, Drops and Creating Games to Engage Players in What We Imagine

Joe from artvndgmchn on the Uplifters

JR and Lisa on the Uplifters

Why Mine on JR's Lands?

  • If you are one of the first (up to)10 people (depending on the week) to mine during the minute at the top each hour, you get a free NFT!

  • You are supporting the #1 AW mining landowner who is in turn supporting NFT communities in our ecosystem by splitting his landowner mining commissions of TLM with the community of the week! Thank you JR!

How to Mine on JR's Lands

JR's Lands uses the AW mining platform.

  • First, select a land for mining. There are two ways you can find JR's Lands on which you can mine:

    • View and select one of JR's Lands on the WAX blockchain at If finding them here, see the description to see the Planet Name and the x and y axis coordinates.

    • Or, to make it easier, view the list below (see the collapsible groups by each Planet) and select a land that appeals to you.

    • If you just quickly need a land for mining, and don't want to choose, you can use the Small Island #18 15:15 on the Planet Veles. It has great views (in our imaginations).

  • Use these coordinates to select your Land while mining here.