Official JR's Lands Reports - Week 2

August 8-14, 2022

artvndngmchn Atarah

Leaning up against the rock cliff after a long day of mining with her AI digging device, Atarah surveys the alien landscape and thinks beyond the hard work. She imagines the rewards of social justice, economic opportunity, and the charitable foundation she was planning on starting. For now these things were just out of reach--but hopefully not for long. Patience was required: always patience.

Mine for artvndngmchn’s Atarah NFT at the Big Top on one of JR’s Lands. The first 10 miners at the top of the hour get an Atarah NFT and JR’s Lands Circus Tamel the Tiger NFT. Mine on Veles 12:16 or one of JR’s Lands listed at

August 8-14, 2022

Circus Tickets

Get some tickets to the show. It's currently in our imagination, but who knows what the future will bring?

"Whatever the Metaverse holds for blockchain game players in the future, I want to be there playing."

Access this report directly at Thanks to EOSUSA Games for dropping NFTs and providing reporting for JR's Lands.

Official JR's Lands Reports - Week 2

Week 2 - Aug. 8-14, 2022

NFT Drop Report

Since August 1, 2022 Midnight UTC, miners playing at can select one of JR's Lands and aim to be one of the first miners to claim at the top of each hour, 24 hours per day.

Each week, miners are offered a different set of cards to play for and in some cases, slightly different play mechanics or rewards.

Approximately a week after the mining week ends, a report will be prepared and linked here and NFTs will be sent to winners.

Winners may want to check back at the website for opportunities to use those NFTs.

Access this report directly at

Thank you to EOSUSA Games for reporting and dropping NFTs for JR's Lands.

JR's Lands Drops & Reports (Public)

During week 2, there were 253 people who were able to mine within the first 10 mines of each hour. The top miner won 58 times during the week (double last week!) The top 10 miners mined 241, or 14.35% of the 1680 mines that won. Each winner won two cards, a community card - an artvndgmchn black and white Atarah - and a circus card - The Circus Tickets. The report above also shows the number of times required to achieve each ranking and the number of miners who achieved each ranking level. Congratulations to all of the miners!

Official JR's Lands Community Mining & Commission Reports

JR's Lands Drops & Reports (Public)

During Week 2, commission from mining was 388.44003 TLM. Half of that was rewarded to the community of the week - artvndgmchn - in the amount of 194.220 TLM.

Official JR's Lands Drop Sheet

JR's Lands Drops (Public)