Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Voted Most Loved Circus Food

September 7, 2022

The cast and crew took an informal survey and voted Cotton Candy the most loved circus food! Guests will surely have a chance to get cotton candy at the circus concessions.

Extra sugar has been ordered to sure there are enough supplies for this beloved circus treat.

Cotton Candy will be available at the Concessions during Circus shows.

The Announcer

The Announcer and the Strong Man Check In

September 2, 2022

"Step right up to the Greatest Show in the Metaverse (TM)!" The Announcer and the Strong Man have been practicing their acts.

For years, the Announcer has worked to attract people from near and far to circuses around the world. With the ban on wild animals in circuses, the Announcer has been worried about their future.

"Working in the Metaverse is the greatest thing to happen since I've been in show business. It's easier, more rewarding and smells better," said the Announcer as they and the Strong Man reflected on these new worlds.

Strong added, "no matter where we are, we can be here, and it takes some getting used to... but with these opportunities, and the freedom to do what we want, this is what we always wanted."

Although a traveling pair, Strong likes for the Announcer to get the attention. "If everyone listens to the Announcer, it's harder to miss the exciting things going on. It's like a secret map to the excitement at the Circus."

The Poodle Parade

The Poodles Parade to Fans Around the Circus

August 27, 2022

The love of poodles can be felt throughout the tent when they line up and parade around, rehearsing for the upcoming show.

"The poodles have never been so happy to be in a show. They have the highest regard for the cast and have been rehearsing to be on point from the first show," reports Portia Prentisse, the Poodle's Parade trainer.

Five poodles have already arrived for the show, but there are rumors that more may join the Parade.

Extra sardines have been stocked at the commissary, since the Poodles can't seem to get enough.

"Everyone has been so nice to us, we've never had so many sardines," said Princess, while talking to reporters and waving to fans, watching as the Poodles walked to the main tent to practice.

Dancing Gypsies

The Thump of the Dance Can Be Heard

August 20, 2022

The Dancing Gypsies are famous for their choreographed dangerous acts amid the dances passed down through their families from across the generations. Cast and crew have been enjoying hearing stories from the members about their travels, traditions and celebrations.

The troupe has been traveling for years, so all seem happy that the dancers will be at the Circus for awhile. A few remote shows are scheduled throughout the year, but for the most part, DG will be featured at JR's Circus.

Rehearsals have been taking place throughout the day. The schedule has been tight as new acts arrive and need to prepare for the big events. The sounds of music and dance can be heard throughout and around the big tent. Excitement is definitely in the air.

Circus NFT Collection

Circus NFT Collection Established

August 13, 2022

It turns out the Strong Man has talents related to blockchain games! Along with others interested in innovative technologies and more equitable rewards for engagement, they have formed the JR's Lands Circus Tech Team. As their first endeavor, they have established an NFT Collection on the WAX blockchain for circus-goers to play along with the rest of the crew.

How will circus-goers play along? The first opportunity, which began August 1, 2022 at midnight UTC, is using the AW community game platform available at Miners who mine of one of JR's Lands at the Big Top... which means one of the first at the top of each hour, UTC time... are rewarded with a community NFT and one of JR's Lands Circus NFTs.

Each week, a new community and a new circus NFT will be offered as rewards to Big Top miners who are successful in being one of the first to mine and claim that hour. See the website at for the current number being rewarded each hour and if there are any bonus incentives.

The better your Internet, the closer to the exact top of the hour you get and selecting tools that give you the most opportunities to mine at the top of the hour are examples of efforts that give a player a better chance of gaining these rewards.

Also watch the website at for opportunities to use both community and circus NFTs for upgrade, game and goods rewards through blending, drops and additional gameplay.

Thank you to the Strong Man and the new Tech Team!

Circus Sign NFT

The Sign Has Arrived!

August 6, 2022

The sign has arrived! It's a big day and it feels like we are now official! The Miner by the Sea who created it says he has some small versions available for those who want them. He is going to get us the information as to how miners who want a sign to celebrate the launch of JR's Lands can redeem their sign NFTs for one!

Coffee NFT

Coffee Has Arrived!

August 1, 2022

The Miners have arrived with coffee! The entire community at the Circus could not be more thrilled. Everyone has been working a little faster and with smiles on their faces now that coffee has arrived.

Miners officially started mining today on JR's Lands around the Circus, with the fastest each hour qualifying for bonuses of coffee and circus signs. Quite a few miners were ready to go before the start of mining at Midnight UTC and have continued arriving throughout the day.

With this many people around, we may have to open the concessions early. Lisa's Coffee Shop has setup handing out coffee, so we might just ask her to expand the offerings and the shop.

Rehearsals continue, but everyone takes some time off to enjoy this historic gathering, as well.

Circus Tickets NFT

Rehearsals are Underway

July 30, 2022

Members of the circus are getting settled in their tents, getting to know each other and building the beginnings of what will surely be a great community.

Speaking of communities, the communities are lining up to do drops each week. Billboards are being built at the Circus tent to commemorate each week's community!

Rehearsals are underway, without too much drama, no less. Safety is a priority, so we are hoping no accidents will occur. The most important part seems to be routine... where everyone walks, where they eat, and what they do when.

The tickets design has been confirmed and they are on their way!

Looking forward to sharing these extraordinary species of all types with the next evolution of circus fans who will appreciate and respect that everyone is different, special and talented in their own ways.

Tamel the Tiger NFT

Tamel Has Signed On! Tamel Has Signed On!

July 23, 2022

Tamel the Tiger has signed on to JR's Lands Circus! We could not be more excited. He seems really happy about the idea. He was at the location the other day, roaming around, sniffing out the corners. He's a little unsure about this NFT stuff, but sat for his picture, nevertheless. He totally gets the Metaverse... "I spend most of my day thinking about roams I've done... I essentially live in the Metaverse as it is."

Tamel, we could not be more excited that you're joining and look forward to your debut at JR's Lands Circus!

And, we are ordering your special snacks per your request!

We caught JR when he stopped by the site. "Can you believe it? Tamel the Tiger on JR's Lands! It's going to be a great show! We had the best day prowling around and we are very excited that Tamel chose to join and no less, co-produce our show.

Welcome Tamel the Tiger!

Circus Sign NFT

The Circus Tent is Being Delivered... And Then Built!

July 16, 2022

It's quite a time in crypto and to say it is a circus would be an understatement. Coincidentally (?) we are building a virtual circus tent. We've ordered the tent and various accessories... it takes a lot to build a tent! But, we think this will be a great gathering place for community members in the Metaverse.

There's an old Miner on Magor near the Sea who has found some wood and is shackling (is that a word?) a wooden sign together boasting the words "Circus" so we'll know where to go... as if the gigantic circus tent isn't enough!

Speaking of signs, the JR's Lands light sign (the red logo) is taking some real craftsmanship... getting it to float like that isn't easy. But, we do need to know where to go. Finding our way around the Metaverse isn't always easy. But, it's worth it, if we can gather with our friends and have a good time.

Now, about the cast... many have signed on, but I'll save that for another day.

First, we have to go setup the food tent for all of the people arriving to help. Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Circus. We could use a break during this crypto winter.