Play on JR's Lands

Mine on JR's Lands in the Metaverse and Get NFT Game Cards!

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Where are JR's Lands?

Select one of JR's Lands

Look at the Lands page to find the Planets. Open the collapsible group to see the Lands from which to select. Once you have picked out the coordinates you want to use (any will do), select mining land here and begin mining. Need to quickly find a Land to mine? Try Veles Small Island 15:15.

To see the origin and history of each of JR's Lands, you can uncollapse the text below by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Planet and see the lands. Each is linked to the origin page, which includes a full history of each Land, as stored permanently on the blockchain.

Pick the Land to Mine in the Game

Pick the land you mine here: .

How to Mine on JR's Lands

JR's Lands uses the AW mining platform.

  • First, select a land for mining. There are two ways you can find JR's Lands on which you can mine:

    • View and select one of JR's Lands on the WAX blockchain at If finding them here, see the description to see the Planet Name and the x and y axis coordinates.

    • Or, to make it easier, view the list below (see the collapsible groups by each Planet) and select a land that appeals to you.

    • If you just quickly need a land for mining, and don't want to choose, you can use the Small Island #18 15:15 on the Planet Veles. It has great views (in our imaginations).

  • Use these coordinates to select your Land while mining here.

Why Mine on JR's Lands?

  • If you are one of the first (up to)10 people to mine during the minute at the top each hour, you get a free NFT!

  • You are supporting the #1 AW mining landowner who is in turn supporting NFT communities in our ecosystem by splitting his landowner mining commissions of TLM with the community of the week! Thank you JR!

What is the Big Top?

Mining the Big Top means that you mine as close to or just after the top of each hour such as 12:00, 1:00, 2:00... etc.