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August 1-7, 2022

Lisa's Coffee Shop

There's nothing like a good cup of coffee while you're mining. Get some coffee from Lisa's Coffee Shop while mining on JR's Lands during this week.

"Thank you savierofnfts for giving us such an extensive platform to launch our long awaited digital coffee." - Lisa

August 1-7, 2022

Welcome to the Circus

JR is kicking off his circus collection of NFTs with the first: Welcome to the Circus featuring the Circus Tent.

"It's been a real circus the past year and it's time to celebrate together and continue to share the love." - JR

August 8-14, 2022

artvndngmchn Atarah

Leaning up against the rock cliff after a long day of mining with her AI digging device, Atarah surveys the alien landscape and thinks beyond the hard work. She imagines the rewards of social justice, economic opportunity, and the charitable foundation she was planning on starting. For now these things were just out of reach--but hopefully not for long. Patience was required: always patience.

August 8-14, 2022

Circus Tickets

Get some tickets to the show. It's currently in our imagination, but who knows what the future will bring?

"Whatever the Metaverse holds for blockchain game players in the future, I want to be there playing."

August 15-21, 2022

Marisol Vengas Tiger

Marisol Vengas came from the future. Marisol made the first artist NFTs on ETH in 2017 with a project called Curio Cards. These WAX version NFTs are the rest of the edition unreleased in 2017. Marisol Vengas knows that community engagement is the most important cause in the metaverse and to support this, many of these valuable NFTs will be rewarded to friends of AW.

August 15-21, 2022

Tamel the Tiger

He looks like a sweet kitty, but Tamel the Tiger is one powerhouse of a cat. Can he be tamed? We'll see.

"Wait, what? Am I going to get to play with the tiger in the Metaverse? Someday?"

August 22-28, 2022

Galaktika Helior Quartz

Mine - Spark, Cosmic Spark and Helior Quartz Krystals - required to fuel missions in Galaktika's upcoming game!

Gather crew, spaceships and planets from 5 civilizations and enter one of three mission types (per civilization) for a chance to return with GLK and NFT treasures from the multiverse.

August 22-28, 2022


The Poodle Parade is used to being the highlight of the Circus. Eveyone loves the Poodles, but the trainer is demanding.

Get Poodles NFTs when mining on JR's Lands this week.

"Everyone loves to pet the Poodles, but they are really talented performers who have been training for years."

August 29-September 4, 2022

Dark Galaxies Fusion Capacitor Tool

As pioneers traveled the universe looking for glory and riches they stumbled across a series of planets that contained a unique and special tool, the Fusion Capacitor. This special tool could only be found on JR Lands and boasts a mining power of 4 with a cooldown of 22.

August 29-Sept. 4, 2022

Dancing Gypsies

The Dancing Gypsies travel everywhere, but will be at JR's Lands for awhile. Get one of their NFTs this week and watch for them at the Circus!

"We are so happy to be here at JR's Lands. We have traveled far to arrive, but have been welcomed by Tamel and the others. This may be our best performance of our lifetime and are rehearsing every day."

Sept. 5-11, 2022

Conelandia ConeBoy

Conelandiarp is the collection of the Conelandia Community, collaborating with different artists to make WAX space a happier more friendly place.

Sept. 5-11, 2022

The Announcer

"Step right up to the Greatest Show in the Metaverse (TM)!" The Announcer and the Strong Man have been practicing their acts.

For years, the Announcer has worked to attract people from near and far to circuses around the world. With the ban on wild animals in circuses, the Announcer has been worried about their future.

"Working in the Metaverse is the greatest thing to happen since I've been in show business. It's easier, more rewarding and smells better." - The Announcer

Sept. 12-18, 2022

Topos Valley

And like every day...

It all starts with a radiant sun in the Valley. Not always...

But adventures are like that, so let's enjoy the trip.

Sept. 12-18, 2022

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy was recently voted the favorite circus food, by the cast and crew of the Circus.

It's quick to grab, give a quick burst of sugar and tastes delicious.

With a virtual circus, none of the negative impacts of sugar are felt, only the joy!

"Cotton Candy will be available at the concessions during rehearsals as well as the shows, so we can serve all of our community members." - The Concessionaire

Sept. 19-25, 2022

Cute Crushies

Cute Crushies are expressive, cute creatures with personality. Fun, animated creature NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens) for your delight made by a team of pixel artists. By playing Cute Crushies, players are rewarded with NFTs and Dust.

Fitzgerald Dustworth is one of the creature NFTs that can be added to teams. He spends his time in busy taverns, chatting, sharing stories with all the folk. He is always ready to dust off a chair and start a conversation.

Go to to learn more about the Early Game. Go to to participate in events and for status updates on the game currently in development. Join Cute Crushies on Telegram @cutecrushies

Sept. 19-25, 2022

Daisy the Dog

Daisy couldn't wait to be in the circus! With custom costumes in tow, Daisy arrived and won her way into the hearts of the cast and crew. Running around the tent, Daisy knows where all the treats are stored and what is happening when.

"I've always wanted to join the Circus and we have a great pack here." - Daisy the Dog

Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2022

The Skrumps

Skrumpy is starting to explore the Metaverse and needs your help! Where should he go, what should he play? Join Skrumpy and his friends as they learn about the Metaverse, just like the rest of us!

See Skrumpy in his past career as a rock star when he was at the Jim Henson Company.

Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2022


They are the most feared and yet the most reverered animals at the Circus. In the past, Lions at Circuses would be caged, but not at JR's Lands Circus. Here they roam wild, as there is no danger. Enjoy the Kings of the Circus as they share their grandeur with us.

"Kindness is the best strength," - Kimba the Lion

Oct. 3-9, 2022

Streaming Art

The Streaming Art Collection was made for Twitch Streamers and their viewers and to educate them in the Metaverse and about NFTs.

Twitter -

Medium -

Discord -

Website -

Oct. 3-9, 2022

Flying Bungeez

From the first swing, the Flying Bungeez has felt right at home at JR's Lands Circus. With the easy of a bird, FB swings from side to side, seemingly beyond the capabilities of what the rope allows. Watch the Flying Bungeez at JR's Lands Circus.

"Flying through the air is the greatest feeling in the world." - Flying Bungeez

Oct. 10-16, 2022

Rising Tide

Rising Tide is a musical collective that combines the elements of Roots Reggae, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and deep meditative Dub into a sound that is both profoundly unique and entirely familiar all at once. After years of touring the globe together, releasing critically-acclaimed classic albums, and being embraced by a worldwide audience as the core members of the band Groundation, the group reflects the next step in an evolution of both vision and vibration.

Oct. 10-16, 2022

The Dancers Square

Dancing to the music of Rising Tide, this dance collective is practicing for the Circus. Metaversal dance is emerging as a new form and the dancers have a renewed sense of energy.

"If a tiger doesn't get us, a lion might... just kidding. We feel perfectly safe at rehearsals." - Tilda, one of the Dancers Square, before fleeting away

Oct. 17-23, 2022

Stoney Baloney

Join the stoniest community in the Metaverse as they travel around. Stopping by JR' Lands, they've been enjoying the circus rehearsals and will surely be back when it's time for the live shows!

Oct. 17-23, 2022


What would a circus be without popcorn? It's already everyone's favorite snack!

Oct. 24-30, 2022

Ultra Rare Creepo the Clown

UltraRare is one of the most beloved communities in the Metaverse and it's an exciting season for them! Welcome the new Creepo the Clown card as a reward for winning miners!

Oct. 24-30, 2022

Blocks the Clown

Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2022

Krownlandia Kandy

KROWN has been a sweet community for nearly 4 years, serving as a weekly space for creators in the Metaverse to discuss blockchain topics including NFTs, games, tokens, DACs and DAOs, governance and more. Krownlandia is a virtual town in the imaginations of the members and shares this little treat with you all.

Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2022

The Magician

Nov. 7 - 13, 2022

Graffiti Kings




Nov. 7 - 13, 2022

Circus Trailer

Nov. 7 - 13, 2022


Nov. 14 - 20, 2022


Nov. 21 - 27, 2022

Iconical Project Seed Ball


The Uplift World Shard

Show Ponies


Christmas Cookies



North Pole


Do You Want to Share NFTs with Miners on JR's Lands, Too?

Do you want to distribute NFTs to miners on JR's Lands? If so, complete the form to request a drop. Once approved, you can send your NFTs to JR's Lands for distribution and promotion. Complete and Submit the Request Form