Welcome to JR's Lands

Mine on JR's Lands in the Metaverse and Get NFT Game Cards!

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NOTE! Things are changing! Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Who is JR?

JR is one of the most active game players on the WAX blockchain and is known by many community members who have been playing blockchain games with him since 2020. It's been a real circus, but it's been fun and rewarding and JR wants to give back.

Will There Always Be 10 Winners?

It is planned that there are typically 10 or 5 winners per hour, determined weekly. Unless a community requests a drop of less than 10 game card NFTs per hour, if there are less than 10 non-bot winners, there will less than 10 winners for that hour. What is a bot? A human acting like many humans by using technology to create multiple accounts. That's not allowed in this Metaverse and we'll do our best to avoid NFTs going to bot accounts. Individuals not using botting or automated technolgies are welcome.

What is the JR's Lands Game?

Currently, JR has 191 lands on six planets in the Metaverse and he's sharing mining rewards with community creators on the WAX blockchain to celebrate the success of blockchain games! Each week a different community is rewarding miners on JR's Lands with a unique NFT for free! Jump into the Metaverse, and play the JR's Lands Mining Game. Be one of the first 10 players (non-bot) to mine at the top of each hour and get a free NFT! See below for how to play.

Why the Circus Theme?

The past few years have seen many changes in our world and it is just the beginning. While we have been experimenting with game mechanics to engage people in gathering and governing resources , other things have changed for the better, too. Finally, the use of wild animals for entertainment has been banned in most places and opportunity for abuse and oppression has been eliminated.

However, the hope of the celebration of individuals and communities, how different or alike we are, and the opportunity for each person to have a place to be and a place to thrive, lives on. Shared ideals with circus and crypto people alike, hope lives on, when in a virtual space. The movie The Greatest Showman relflects the opportunity for the evolution of these ideals, as well. Here in our imaginations, supported with blockchain technologies, we can do more, play to gather tokens and choose how to build our virtual worlds, or what has come to be known as the Metaverse. We believe in win/win/win Metaverses and games where everyone benefits and that continues through our communities, neighborhoods and Earthly worlds. We look forward to seeing you at the Big Top.

What is the Big Top?

Mining the Big Top means that you mine as close to or just after the top of each hour such as 12:00, 1:00, 2:00... etc. See below for more information about how to mine.

What is the WAX Blockchain?

The WAX blockchain is a carbon-neutral blockchain with low fees, managed by its community, that is ideal for NFT games. In addition, WAX offers a cloud wallet which serves as the login for most WAX-based games. Some communities offer views into the blockchain and allow players to interact with them.

WAX Cloud Wallet https://wallet.wax.io/

WAX https://on.wax.io/wax-io/

View NFTs on the WAX blockchain at: