Official JR's Lands Reports - Week 1

August 1-7, 2022

Lisa's Coffee Shop

There's nothing like a good cup of coffee while you're mining. Get some coffee from Lisa's Coffee Shop while mining on JR's Lands during this week.

"Thank you savierofnfts for giving us such an extensive platform to launch our long awaited digital coffee." - Lisa

August 1-7, 2022

Welcome to the Circus

JR is kicking off his circus collection of NFTs with the first: Welcome to the Circus featuring the Circus Tent.

"It's been a real circus the past year and it's time to celebrate together and continue to share the love." - JR

Access this report directly at Thanks to EOSUSA Games for dropping NFTs and providing reporting for JR's Lands.

Official JR's Lands Reports - Week 1

Week 1 - Aug. 1-7, 2022

NFT Drop Report

Since August 1, 2022 Midnight UTC, miners playing at can select one of JR's Lands and aim to be one of the first miners to claim at the top of each hour, 24 hours per day.

Each week, miners are offered a different set of cards to play for and in some cases, slightly different play mechanics or rewards.

Approximately a week after the mining week ends, a report will be prepared and linked here and NFTs will be sent to winners.

Winners may want to check back at the website for opportunities to use those NFTs.

Access this report directly at and for week 1 directly at

Thank you to EOSUSA Games for reporting and dropping NFTs for JR's Lands.

JR's Lands Drops & Reports (Public)

During week 1, there were 267 people who were able to mine within the first 10 mines of each hour. The top miner won 24 times during the week, the next 23 and in 61 won 10 or more times. Each winner won two cards, a community card - Lisa's Coffee Shop Coffee - and a circus card - The Circus Sign. The report above also shows the number of times required to achieve each ranking and the number of miners who achieved each ranking level. Congratulations to all of the miners!

Official JR's Lands Community Mining & Commission Reports

JR's Lands Drops & Reports (Public)

During Week 1, commission from mining ws 273.62708 TLM. Half of that was rewarded to the community of the week - Lisa's Coffee Shop - in the amount of 136.81354 TLM.

Lands Not Mined

JR's Lands Drops & Reports (Public)

Official JR's Lands Drop Sheet

JR's Lands Drops (Public)