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Wildcards Continuing!
Get a Wildcard - The first 5 miners each hour!
Extended through last week of 2022!

JR and Lisa on the Uplifters Launching JR's Lands with Corey

Joe from artvndgmchn on the Uplifters with Corey (and Lisa in the Background)

EOSUSA Michael and Lisa Chandler with Corey and Jimmy Talking About Communities, Drops and Creating Games to Engage Players in What We Imagine

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What are the upcoming & recent community & circus NFT drops of the week?

When selecting mining land here, be the first to mine at the top of each hour (UTC) to get a free NFT from the community of the week! Note, designs may differ slightly as minting often happens just before dropping. Design choices are often made at or just prior to that stage. Below are the community and circus game card NFT drops currently scheduled for the first miners to claim at the Big Top (top of each hour during that week). Find the next and recent community and circus NFTs on the Drops page.

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View through this image carousel to see the upcoming drops. Also see upcoming community & circus NFT drops on the Drops page.


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Remember to mine at the top of the hour for a chance to get NFTs from JR's Lands. For the latest events and hourly mining notifications, add the JR's Lands Big Top Hourly Notification Google calendar to your Calendar.

To add the calendar to your calendar, go to your Google Calendar settings (as pictured here), click Subscribe to calendar, and enter the email address

Once the calendar has been added, you can go back to your calendar and in the left navigation, click on and off the related checkbox.

Events, such as hourly notifications, can be copied to your own calendar to adjust the notification time and freqency of notifications, which are currently set to 2 minutes before the hour, around the clock.

Backstage Blog

Circus NFT Collection

Circus NFT Collection Established

August 13, 2022

It turns out the Strong Man has talents related to blockchain games! Along with others interested in innovative technologies and more equitable rewards for engagement, they have formed the JR's Lands Circus Tech Team. As their first endeavor, they have established an NFT Collection on the WAX blockchain for circus-goers to play along with the rest of the crew.

How will circus-goers play along? The first opportunity, which began August 1, 2022 at midnight UTC, is using the AW community game platform available at Miners who mine of one of JR's Lands at the Big Top... which means one of the first at the top of each hour, UTC time... are rewarded with a community NFT and one of JR's Lands Circus NFTs.

Each week, a new community and a new circus NFT will be offered as rewards to Big Top miners who are successful in being one of the first to mine and claim that hour. See the website at for the current number being rewarded each hour and if there are any bonus incentives.

The better your Internet, the closer to the exact top of the hour you get and selecting tools that give you the most opportunities to mine at the top of the hour are examples of efforts that give a player a better chance of gaining these rewards.

Also watch the website at for opportunities to use both community and circus NFTs for upgrade, game and goods rewards through blending, drops and additional gameplay.

Thank you to the Strong Man and the new Tech Team!

Find JR's Lands on Telegram @jrslands

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We support the ban of the use of wild animals in live circuses. In the Metaverse, we can celebrate our love for animals, uniqueness, talents and showmanship without oppression or abuse. Over time, the circus has evolved from, although hopeful, often a dark past, into a more peaceful concept. We hope this is one of many examples that help to make our worlds more peaceful and continue to celebrate our differences, talents, interests and communities.

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